Additional Information

We are aspirational and bold in our ambitions for the school.  We aim to provide a rich, inspiring curriculum to ensure the best possible learning for ALL pupils, and to create healthy working environments for our pupils and staff.  The curriculum is designed to give pupils appropriate knowledge, skills and experiences so that they can develop as confident, responsible citizens and have a passion for life-long learning.

We aim to prepare our children for the next stages of their education and ensure they have the knowledge, attributes, skills and attitudes that will support them throughout their lives and enable them to reach their full potential and flourish in our ever-changing society.

The curriculum at BRW is a carefully planned to include powerful, transferable and carefully sequenced knowledge and skills which is set out in progression documents.  Samples of these documents can be viewed on the separate subject tabs in this area of the website. They are based on the National Curriculum and set out the key knowledge children will learn in each subject area by the end of each year group and key stage.  The curriculum is carefully sequenced and builds on prior knowledge.  Curriculum links and planned repetition ensure key knowledge is committed to memory.

Our curriculum is engaging, exciting and relevant to children.  We follow a termly topic-based approach and respond to local, national, and international events.  The curriculum includes a range of extra-curricular activities to enrich the experiences of the children.  Termly topics will always include an enriching educational visit and visitor in to school. Within this learning, we encourage children to be curious, ask questions, take risks, be adventurous and be creative.

Have a look at our termly mind maps and curriculum overviews below: