Here at Blessed Robert, we know our faith is a DOING faith.  As young people, living and growing with our faith starts right here with us.  We not only believe, breathe and live out our faith, but we enjoy owning it and leading it, essentially DOING it…and of course inspiring others to lead and do it too!  You’re on the right page to find out more about the teams at Blessed Robert who do just this – lead and inspire others in faith!

KS2 Liturgy Team


Hello, this is Maci and Savion, and we are part of the Year 6 Liturgy Team, which we think is a privilege as it allows us the chance to lead others in a spiritual way in the school community.

Exactly like the Year 2 Liturgy Team, we have many key responsibilities to lead our school in our Catholic faith. Some of our most important jobs include planning and leading school Masses and Liturgies, which can sometimes be nerve-wracking at first, but in the end, it is quite fun because we get to help other classes become closer to God by their faith.

Another highly important jobs is to plan fundraisers for Charites which include: CAFOD, Emmanuel House, the Clifton Food Bank and supporting and helping in our Parish Church, Corpus Christi.

Our school masses add a lot of responsibilities to our Liturgy Team jobs as we help to prepare and lead Mass parts, help others understand the mass and help our community to be a big part of it. Fr Wilfred is an amazing priest because he leads our Parish Masses with a big smile on his face and this shows he cares for us. He even gets involved with our Christmas video!

It isn’t only up to us to expand our knowledge of our faith of the Lord, as it is also up to many of the children to pass on what they have learnt from us to others, in and out of school. We inspire people to carry on this message throughout the year forever and remind everybody that God is always with you and will love you unconditionally.

Let’s spread the Good News!


Hi we’re Amelie, Ashlina and Ashton and we’re part of the Year 2 Liturgy Team!

It’s really fun to be part of the Team! We get to do good jobs such as reading the Word of God from the Bible to tell people the Good News about Jesus.

One of our important roles is to plan and create fun liturgies for all of the children in Key Stage 1. We work with our chaplain Ruth and Mrs Cross. We start by discussing the theme of our Liturgy, such as Almsgiving and what scripture we would like to use. Next, we decide what we are going to see, hear, think and do in our Liturgy to help the children to love one another and to have a great time praying.

As well as Liturgy planning, we have other special jobs. When important visitors come ot our school, we welcome them as ambassadors. It is really lovely to meet new people and to tell them what we do. We really enjoy this! We also write wonderful prayers to God and sing hymns which we share with the other children.

In the future, we are looking forward to visiting other classes to read beautiful Bible stories to them so they can learn more about God too.

We hope you have an awesome day!


Hi, we’re Ruth and Joe and we are the Chaplains who are privileged enough to work at Blessed Robert Widmerpool School!

Our weekly visits to BRW always hold something new and exciting, whether it’s supporting students in planning and preparing Masses and Liturgies or visiting each classroom with the Prayer Monitors to evaluate the Prayer Focus displays, there is always something to keep us busy and active in our faith. The staff and students at BRW are so passionate about their faith that it truly is inspiring to work with them and to help bring their wonderful ideas to life.


Some of the important people that we work with are the Year 6 Chaplaincy Team and the Year 2 Chaplaincy Team. Their role is to lead, support and inspire other students in their faith and you can see the huge impact that they have on their school community through the hard work that they do. Every student shows respect and reverence for their faith which allows all students to experience times of encounter with Jesus and leaves us confident that there are many missionary disciples in the making here at BRW school!

The staff and students at Blessed Robert Widmerpool are always doing something new and different and luckily, they love to blog, so make sure you check out their web pages to find out about events and experiences that they, and the wider community, have shared and if you can make it, please come and join us!