Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Mrs Cook

I would like to wish all of the parents and children of Year 1 a very warm welcome! The Autumn term is going to be a very busy but very exciting term for all of the children.

RE is always at the heart of our learning. This term our RE  topics are the following:

  • Families

We will learn that everyone belongs to the family of God. We will talk about our own  families and the differences between them. Children will understand that God loves and cares for us.

  • Belonging

We will explore the different groups that we belong to. Children will learn that Baptism enables us to belong to God’s family in a special way. We will visit the church to find out what happens during a Baptism.

  • Waiting

We will learn that Advent is a time of waiting in joyful hope for Jesus. We will explore the story of Christingle and find out why God sent Jesus to us.

Spread Your Sparkle: How Will You Let Your Talents Shine?

This year ‘BRW Sprit Strong’ continues to be our exciting over arching theme with  ‘Stand Firm In Your Faith’ as our scripture focus. Throughout the year we will encourage the children to dream, dare, ask, achieve, believe, be adventurous, take risks, be curious and creative.

Year 1 will launch their year with the Spread Your Sparkle! Our imaginations will run wild as we learn about Guy Fawkes  and the chain of events that led to the celebration of Bonfire Night.

During history lessons we will find out who Guy Fawkes was and the legacy of the Gunpowder Plot. We will become detectives as we investigate historical sources in order to answer our questions.

In geography we will learn about the countries that make up the United Kingdom. We will find out about the capital cities, flags and famous landmarks of each country. We will label maps and share our knowledge with each other.

Our science lessons will focus on everyday materials. We will learn to distinguish between an object and the material it is made from. We will describe and categorise materials, explaining reasons for our groupings. We will also investigate suitable materials for building as we learn more about the Houses of Parliament.  We will also become weather detectives as we learn about the changing seasons.

Our art skills will be developed as we learn about the artist Joan Miro. We will learn about the impact that lines and shapes has on a piece of art and why it was so important to Joan Miro. We will explore his self portraits and use his as inspiration for our own.

We will take part in 2 PE sessions per week. We will choreograph and learn a number of dances with Mrs Bathgate and develop ball skills with Mrs Cook.

In D&T we will learn about mechanisms as we learn about sliders and levers. We will create our own moving pictures after exploring how they work.

Our English lessons will be full of exciting opportunities to explore the story of the Three Little Pigs in great detail. We will learn to retell this story with the help of Talk for Writing techniques. Our focus for the term will be handwriting, capital letters and full stops and writing in full sentences.

During weekly computing sessions, we will learn how to stay safe online and begin to log in to the PCs and select programs. We will also begin to learn typing skills.

Our maths focus for this term is number and place  value to 10, adding and subtracting to 10, shape and finally number and place value to 20.

We will enjoy the festive fun of a visit to the panto to watch Dick Wittington.

This term is going to be packed full of adventures and lots of exciting opportunities and learning. We can’t wait to get started!

How To Help At Home

Please ensure that your child always has their reading book and diary in school. Listen to your child read each day and leave a comment in your reading diary. We will also record when your child has taken part in a guided reading session in class.

Always have the correct PE kit in school. This term all children will need an indoor kit (white t shirt and black shorts) and an outdoor kit (warm joggers/leggings, sweatshirt or hoodie, trainers).

Complete weekly homework challenges. This will normally include a maths task, reading and spellings or tricky word reading.

Uniform – Please ensure that every item of clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name. This makes returning belongings so much easier.

Useful Websites:

Phonics and reading activities in a fun and interactive way.

Maths games and weekly homework website. 

A fun website to develop mathematical recall and fluency in addition and subtraction. regular homework will be set using this website.