Year 5

I’d like to say a warm welcome back to all Year 5 pupils and their families! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful summer and are ready to be imaginative, ambitious and responsible as you enter Upper Key-Stage-Two. The theme for this year is ‘BRW Spirit Strong’ and is underpinned by a quote from Ezra: ‘Rise up, take courage and do it!’ I can’t wait to see you take risks, approach challenges with enthusiasm and how great resilience!


This term we are exploring number, place-value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and measurement and statistics. We will be using our heuristics and bar-models to solve problems related to these topics. We will also be revising and consolidating our timetables and number facts to support these topics.


In English, our writing will be inspired by ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and ‘Harry Potter’ to create imaginative recounts, descriptions, diary entries and letters.

Come and See

Throughout RE the children will be exploring their talents and gifts through the topic of ‘Ourselves’. They will also have a chance to look forward and consider their ‘Life choices’ and how to make the right choices whilst spreading the Good News. The topic of ‘Hope’, just before Christmas, will allow the children  to think about using our faith to hope and how to use our time wisely whilst waiting. Our exploration of another World Faith– Judaism – will give us chance to consider the topic of Community and the communities we are part of.

Wider Topic

During science lessons, children will be explaining the life cycles of plants and mammals and how living things are classified. They will also be investigating how light and shadows are created and how light travels.

History will see Year 5 looking at WWII and have them understand key events such as: the origins of the war, the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home-front and VE day. In Geography, we will be investigating the impact the widening of the A453 has had on our local area.

DT will allow us to design, create and evaluate our own WWII tanker using pulleys and gears. In Art we will take inspiration from Barbara Hepworth’s sculptures by making our own sculptures inspired by landscapes.

In PE we will be developing our hockey skills and we also have swimming sessions. We also hope to spend some time at Glapton Woods to develop our confidence and respect for nature and the environment in our Forest Schools programme.

In PE we will begin sessions developing our athletic skills, ready for sports day. and rounders. Dance will be every Friday afternoon, focusing on the ‘braver, stronger, fearless’ theme. We hope to spend some time at Glapton Woods to build our confidence, take risks and respect for the environment, whilst looking at the features of plants during Forest Schools.

Year 5 will also be studying French, building up a basic vocabulary and essential conversation skills through singing and other interactive media.

In Computing, the children will be able to develop their understanding of internet safety and get creative using Minecraft.

Help from Home

1. Please check Homework diaries regularly for weekly information about your child’s work and progress. Children’s diaries will be checked and signed on Monday mornings to ensure reading is taking place at home. Your child must be filling this in every day with what pages they have read.

2. Children will be given homework each week on a Thursday.  As Year 5s, they are encouraged to take responsibility for remembering to complete their homework, but they may need the odd reminder from someone at home to get it done! Homework is not something that should worry them and I will remind them that if they are ever struggling to complete a homework task, then they should come and see me.

3. It is very important that all children can recall their number facts quickly and correctly, so when possible please encourage your child to practise their times tables and mental addition/subtraction through TTRS, Mathletics and Numbots.

4. “”The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go”― Dr. Seuss. Reading every day is essential. Please discuss characters, themes, plots and ask for your child’s opinions on the books they are reading; this will help with their success in English. Recording this information in their homework diary is extremely useful evidence of their reading.

5. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day. They need a suitable PE kit for both indoor and outdoor PE. Their outdoor PE kit should include a hoodie and something to keep their legs warm (gym leggings or jogging bottoms).

6. Children will be given a list of spellings each week on a Thursday. These will be tested the following Thursday. Please keep a check of these regularly.  A useful way to practise spellings is to include them in interesting or funny sentences.

7. Your support this year will be crucial and I’d like to thank you in advance for your support over the coming term.

Mrs Hart