Year 5

A Happy New Year to all the parents and children in Year 5. I hope you’ve rested over the Christmas period and are ready to continue to STAND FIRM IN YOUR FAITH! This term, our topic is ‘How has America Thrived?’ and our learning is underpinned by the Ancient Mayans and North America.


This term we are going to use our understanding of heuristics to complete challenges of multiplication and division, fractions, decimals and percentages, perimeter and area and statistics. The children will learn a variety of ways to solve problems using different heuristics, so they can become resourceful and independent learners. We will also be revising the topics learnt in previous years and the Autumn term.


In English, we will be exploring the story of ‘The Explorer’ by Katherine Rundell and ‘The Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Graham, to create newspaper reports, persuasive writing, descriptions and poetry. Also, we will be focusing on the appropriate use of commas, relative clauses and adventurous vocabulary.

Come and See

In RE, we will start with the topic of ‘Mission’, where the children will explore their mission in life, with inspiration from Jesus and his disciples. Key question: Do we all have a mission in life?

Our second topic will be ‘Memorial Sacrifice’; we will look at the incredible sacrifice Jesus made for us. Key question: Why do we need memories?

Our final topic before Easter will be ‘Sacrifice’– this links well to the sacrifices we might make during Lent and the sacrifice Jesus made. Key question: Why do we need to make sacrifices?

Wider Topic

During Science lessons, children will be learning about the human body and how we can look after it, which includes parts of the body, growth, changes, the circulatory system and diet. We will also be making links to how Animals do this too.

History will see Year 5 looking at a non-European study which provides contrast to British History. We will do this through learning about the Mayans and their history.

In Geography, we will be learning about North America and explore migration from South America to North/Central America.

In PE we will be developing our gymnastics with Mrs Bathgate and we also have sessions with Gordon. We also hope to spend some time at Glapton Woods to develop our confidence and respect for nature and the environment in our Forest Schools programme.

In Computing, the children will be able to develop their coding and inventive skills, whilst working with a variety of software.

In Art we will be looking at art by Andy Warhol and making our own Mayan art using his style and techniques.

In Design and Technology, the children will be putting their creative skills to the test and creating some Mexican food whilst learning about food and nutrition.

Educational Visits: Year 5 will be visited by Nottingham Trent University, who will be inspiring us to achieve greatness! We will also be visited by the charity, Narconon, who will educate us in making the right choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol, as part of our RHE lessons. We are planning an exciting trip linked to our topic this term and further details will follow.

Help from Home

  1. Please check Homework diaries regularly for weekly information about your child’s work and progress. Diary checks will be made on a Monday. Year 5 will be expected to have their previous week’s page filled in with their reading successes and signed by an adult.
  2. Children will be given homework each week usually on a Tuesday. As Year 5s, they are encouraged to take responsibility for remembering to complete their homework, but they may need the odd reminder from someone at home to get it done! Homework is not something that should worry them and I will remind them that if they are ever struggling to complete a homework task, then they should come and see me.
  3. It is very important that all children can recall their number facts quickly and correctly, so when possible please encourage your child to practise them using Mathletics, TTRS and Numbots.
  4. “Books shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and wonderful; and learning to be a reader gives a terrific advantage.” ― Roald Dahl. Reading every day is essential. Please discuss characters, themes, plots and ask for your child’s opinions on the books they are reading; this will help with their success in English. Recording this information in their homework diary is extremely useful evidence of their reading.
  5. Standard PE kits should be in school all week.
  6. Children will be given a list of spellings each week on a Tuesday. These will be tested the following Tuesday. Please keep a check of these regularly. A useful way to practise spellings is to include them in interesting or funny sentences.
  7. Your support this year will be crucial and I’d like to thank you in advance for your support over the coming term.

Mrs Hart


Mrs Hart