Our Mission Statement – The BRW Way

Here at Blessed Robert Widmerpool, we aim to create a happy and secure environment where our children can reach their potential. We encourage our children to be responsible for their own actions, and a culture of independence and respect is fostered through the Catholic Life that underpins our school. Our school mission statement inspires us in all that we do:

“We walk kindly in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as we live and learn.”

We encourage our children to be guardians of our mission statement, living out Jesus’ example in our actions and our words. To guide us in this every day, we have our whole school virtues:

The children at BRW share our high expectations and know that we come to school to learn in every way. We believe that it is their right to learn as well as their responsibility to support others in doing the same. Following our whole school rules helps us to make sure this happens!


Something else that helps our children to reach their potential is their ‘Behaviour for Learning’. We encourage them to build their learning power and become ‘learners for life’ by promoting a positive social climate within school, where children feel confident and safe enough to participate actively in their learning.

We build this learning power not only by promoting our famous five Rs:

  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Relationships
  • Reflectiveness

…but also using the acronym SLANT!

In class, in the lunch hall, in the corridors, on the playground, in assemblies…we use our radar to show 100% SLANT!

But why?

  • SLANT provides us with positive habits of attention that help us learn!
  • By following SLANT, our attention improves, which means we learn more.
  • SLANT shows that we respect and value the person who is speaking, and doing this…
  • …makes others feel safe, comfortable and confident to share the learning and their ideas!