School Uniform


Foundation Stage Uniform

  • White polo tops
  • Grey trousers for boys
  • Grey skirts/pinafores for girls
  • Green and white gingham dresses in warmer months
  • No Tie
  • Black school shoes rather than trainers
  • White/Grey socks or black/grey/green tights
  • For our Foundation Stage children, allowances can be made for children learning to use the toilet. We acknowledge that jogging bottoms are more manageable than trousers with a clip for younger children in these circumstances.

Primary Aged School Uniform

  • White cotton shirt
  • BRW School Tie
  • Green school cardigan for girls
  • Green school jumper for boys
  • Grey trousers/shorts for boys
  • Grey skirts or pinafores for girls, no higher than just above the knee
  • Black/white/grey socks
  • Black/grey tights
  • Black school shoes rather than trainers
  • Green and white checked gingham dress for girls in the summer

PE Kit

  • Black shorts
  • White T Shirt
  • White socks
  • Trainers
  • Jogging bottoms and a hoodie or sweater should be worn during outdoor PE in the winter
  • Hair tied back fully
  • Watches and earrings removed



  • Hair that is long enough to obstruct a child’s eyes should be tied back
  • Hair accessories should be small, discrete and in school colours – green, grey or black
  • Hair should be cut no shorter than a grade number 2 with no patterns or tram lines
  • Hair colour/dye is not permitted in school
  • Coloured hair braids are not permitted in school
  • Visible hair products used to style hair are not permitted

Make Up

No form of make up is permitted on pupils in school. This includes nail varnish


Children are not permitted to wear jewellery on Heath and Safety grounds, except for wrist watches or small silver or gold studded earrings.  If pupils have pierced ears, these must be removed for PE and swimming

BRW Uniform And Appearance Policy Sept 2023

All Blessed Robert Widmerpool Uniform is available from just-schoolwear.