Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to Year 2! I hope that you all had a restful summer and are ready and rearing to get back to our school family and continue on our adventure. I am so excited to be sharing the excitement of moving to Year 2 with the children. I know that we are going to continue to make lots more memories, learn new things and grow. The children are now the oldest pupils in KS1 and I know that they are ready to take on the responsibilities that go alongside this.

Our scripture theme for the year will build upon our ‘BRW Spirit Strong’ motto. Our theme is ‘I am who I am’. We will explore this scripture and refer to it throughout this academic year.


As always, our RE topics will be at the heart of our learning this term:

  • Beginnings: We will explore the children’s experiences of new beginnings and how God created the world.
  • Signs & Symbols: The children will learn about the signs and symbols that we see all around us and then discover what signs and symbols are important in our faith.
  • Preparations: During Advent we will learn that it is a time to prepare for Jesus. We will discover how we prepare to celebrate with our own families.


This term we will be going on an exciting  journey of discovery. Our adventure is called Choose Courage Over Fear: How will you be brave this term? 

Year 1 will start their journey by learning about Grace Darling who showed her bravery when she single handedly saved some sailors from the sea. They will use their historical enquiry skills to find out more about her life and achievements.

They will then explore the continents and oceans of the world. They will use globes and atlases to locate a number of countries and create keys to label their own maps. They will also use compass directions and coordinates to find and locate given locations.

In D&T lessons we will design and build large  and small scale ships using a range of materials and joining techniques. These ships will then be put to the test as they set sail. Will they float or sink?

Our artistic talents will be put to the test when we learn about William Morris. We will learn how he created printed patterns over 100 years ago which are still popular today. The children will use these ideas as inspiration for their own prints. We will take inspiration from the natural world around us as well as the seas and oceans.

Our science topic this term is materials and their properties. The children will be excited by investigations into waterproof materials and floating and sinking investigations.

In PE we will be joining Mrs Bathgate for dance lessons on Friday afternoons. The children will help choreograph a dance routine linked to our topic.

In English lessons we will focus on the non fiction texts  ‘The Colour Monster’ and ‘Troll’. There will be a consistent focus of spelling, punctuation and grammar so that the children become confident and accurate writers. We will also explore non fiction and poetry texts throughout the term. Phonics lessons will continue to take place everyday.

Maths lessons will focus on deepening the children’s understanding of number, addition and subtraction and shape.

It really is going to be a busy term and we can’t wait to get started!


Ways To Help At Home!

Homework: Spellings will be sent home each week and will be tested on Thursday. There will now be 2 spelling lists to choose from. The orange list will be words that may need revisiting and the green list will be more challenging spellings. The children may choose which list they learn for their spelling test.

Handwriting: The children will continue to take home a handwriting book. Please encourage them to form all letters correctly with a pencil. New letters will be given each Thursday.

Reading: All children will continue to use a reading record, phonetically decodable book and library book. Please listen to your child read their decodable book for at least 10 minutes everyday and write a comment in the reading record.

Children should bring in their reading books everyday. We have weekly whole class guided reading sessions and volunteers who listen to the children read.

Uniform: Please ensure all your children’s clothes are labelled with their name. This helps us to reunite clothes with the correct child!

Key Dates