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 The Beginning of an Educational Adventure

Ways to help at home

Teachers’ Guidance – every day please:

  • Talk to your child whilst playing with their favourite toys – when possible extend their play e.g. when playing with bricks or creating a picture, Plan>Do>Review (i.e. talk about what they want to make, make it together and then talk about what they like best or might want to change).
  • Share a story – talk about the pictures and encourage your child to predict what might happen or how a character is feeling. T Tp 1625854013 Eyfs Help Your Child With Reading Poster For Parents Ver 2
  • Spot words around the home – notice what letter sounds are in them (maybe link with their name), try to blend the sounds together (read the word) or talk about what the words mean.
  • If your child is in Foundation Stage 2 (Rainbow Fish), practise writing the letters that your child is learning this week in phonics (see weekly update for details). T Tp 1625854895 Eyfs Help Your Child With Phonics Poster For Parents Ver 3

Once a week please:

Summer Term


How you can help support our topic……

 Please read these stories:

Ten Little Dinosaurs:  10 Little Dinosaurs Animated Book | Caper Corner Story Time – YouTube

The Night Pirates : The Night Pirates – YouTube

Use the following websites to find out about dinosaurs and pirates , have a go at creating different activities  and play different games

Fossils and Dinosaurs (

20+ Pirate Activities for Kids – Taming Little Monsters

Play Swashbuckle The Great Pirate Games game on CBeebies. – CBeebies – BBC

Find out about dinosaurs and pirates in non-fiction books or on the internet.  Your child could create some artwork or write some information to share in school


  • RE Topic Related support – Good News
    • Talk to your child about what good news means and what good news you have had in your family.
    • Talk about Pentecost being when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit – blow bubbles, make a kite or a windchime to remember the symbol of the wind.
  • RE Topic Related support – Friends
  • Jesus asked us to Love One Another – what makes a good friend and how can you be a good friend to others.
  • Keep a tally of how many lovely things you do each day – spread a little happiness.
  • RE Topic Related support – Our World
    • Recognise that the world we live in is a special place and how we must look after it – what do you reduce, reuse or recycle in your house?
    • Share the story of the Creation and create your own picture to represent it.


 Summer Term 2023        Diary Dates

· Monday 1st May—Bank Holiday

· Monday 8th May  – Bank Holiday

· Tuesday 16th May—FS Sports day. Time TBC

· Wednesday 24th May—FS/KS1 disco

· INSET DAY—Friday 26th May

·  Half Term Week :       Commencing Monday, 29th May

· Monday, 5th June—Class Photos

· Tuesday 6th June—Pirate Day! More details to   follow

· End of Term: Tuesday 25th July


More ideas

Playdough Recipe

A quick and easy playdough recipe so that you can help your children develop strong fingers and wrists, creative skills, communication skills as they talk about the changes they see and make and social skills as they play together with you.


List of useful websites for EYFS

Phonics play
Lots of phonics based games for children to play

Top marks
Lots of different maths activities for children to play

Lots of interactive stories and games for you to play

YouTube is great to watch the following on:

  • Numberblocks – this helps children to understand numbers up to and beyond 10 by using different characters
  • Tricky word song – these help children with reading and spelling words such as; I, go, to, he, she etc
  • Jolly Phonics songs and actions – these help children read and say different sounds
  • Alphablocks – these shows help with segmenting and blending sounds in words
  • Cosmic Kids – yoga suitable for young children

Further Information – Early Years Development Matters Curriculum Guidance  6.7534 DfE Development Matters Report And Illustrations Web 2