Building Hope Project

What is the Building Hope in Bunkpurugu Project?

The Building Hope Project is an incredible, aspirational opportunity that we here at BRW have grasped with all of our hands!  The aim of the project is to BUILD A SCHOOL in Africa.  Alongside the other schools in our Academy Trust, we hope to raise enough money to create a safe place for children to learn in an area less fortunate than ours.

Bunkpurugu school site

In 2016, we decided to put our faith into action by beginning the mammoth task of raising enough money to start the build after securing the land.  We are so pleased to report that we are almost there!  So far, our combined fundraising efforts have enabled bore holes to be installed which has allowed the community in Bunkpurugu access to clean running water for the first time!

Faith into Action – BRW Sponsored Walk

Miss Ferrara’s visit to Bunkpurugu in June 2018 allowed us to see that the walls of the new school were complete and just what this project means to the community there.  It was heart-warming and motivational to see the gratitude and joy of the children and their excitement for the future.  A more recent update holds exciting news:  the roof of the school is now on!  Further funds are now needed to complete the build so it is secure and water tight.   As always, the school blog is a great place to catch up on the project developments.

Children in Bunkpurugu

Most of the funds raised year to year from school events will go towards this project.  We will keep you informed of the developments along the way.  We still hope to support our traditional charities, such as Emmanuel House and CAFOD, as much as we can too.

In the meantime, we know we have a wonderful school community out there who may be able to help with this long term fundraising project in some way.  If you feel you could help or perhaps know someone or a company/organisation who can, please get in contact with the school.  Every little really will help this magnificent cause.

Hopefully, we could have a classroom named after ‘Blessed Robert Widmerpool’ in the next few years!  It is simply aspirational to be part of such an amazing project and there is no doubt that this will inspire our children further to put their faith into action in in this way and beyond.    Thank you in advance for all continued support and generous fundraising efforts!

Feel free to browse through our ‘Bunkpurugu Events’ page where you can see exactly how we have been putting out faith into action.

Classroom in Bunkpurugu