Eco Schools

Eco School at BRW

At Blessed Robert Widmerpool we are committed to educating our pupils about the importance of taking care of and respecting our environment. We teach our pupils how to take responsibility for our actions on the environment and the wider world around us.

At Blessed Robert Widmerpool we are dedicated to the Eco-Schools Programme and we gained our Eco-Schools Green Flag Award in August 2022. We care deeply about current environmental issues and we are passionate about taking care of our school grounds and the planet. The Eco-Team has an important role to play as leaders in our school who promote and drive forwards our Eco-School Programme.  The Eco-Team is made up from representatives from all year groups across the school.

We start each year with an environmental review which then informs our action plan for the year. The Eco-Team are the driving force behind our focus areas and plans to meet Eco-School status. They promote initiatives through the delivery of whole school assemblies, visits to classrooms and working closely with class teachers.

Aims and Objectives:

To create responsible citizens who care about environmental issues and causes.

To create a sustainable environment within our school grounds.

To develop an awareness of global issues and our responsibility as a global citizen.

To link environmental issues to our curriculum.

To offer our children the opportunity to grow plants, fruits and vegetables.

To recycle as much of our waste as possible.

To continue to find ways to reduce our energy usage.

To develop our outdoor areas to ensure that all children have the opportunity to learn outdoors.

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