Year 3


Exodus 3:14


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to life in Year 3 and Key Stage Two! Our school theme, ‘I am who I am,’ is inspired by a quote from ‘Exodus (3:14)’ where God spoke to say he is present in our lives eternally. This year we are going to continue our BRW Spirit Strong theme and as God’s children, we too must be present in our own lives, recognising the richness and fullness in our world. We will share this with others this year in our mission, showing pride in who we are, where we come from and where we are going. I am who I am!

Our learning journey together will be an exciting, risk-taking, challenging but most of all, a fun one. We will learn from our marvellous mistakes together!

At the heart of our journey in our faith this term will be the  ‘Come and See’ topics and their Big Questions ….Homes ‘What makes a house a home?’ Promises ‘Why make promises?’ and Visitors ‘Are visitors always welcome?’ Our ’Other Faith’ this term will be Judaism.

At the heart of our journey in faith this term will be Serving – Pentecost. In this theme the children learn about the gift of the Holy Spirit and serving as a way of life. The children will deepen their knowledge of the power and energy of the Holy Spirit. We will also continue to explore the Mysteries of the Rosary.




Special Places

Other Faith: Hinduism

We start this Autumn term with out class topic ‘Let there be Light! How can we let our light shine brightly? ’ We will use a range of high quality texts, information books, film and music to inspire and motivate us!                                                                          

This term, we will focus on ‘Place Value’ and really mastering our knowledge of numbers. We will  reinforce and extend our Maths  through data collection, measuring and investigations! We are going to revise number bonds and multiplication facts in order to improve fluency!

Year 3 must know their 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x by the end of the year. The children will be given reminders of their passwords for the websites Times Tables Rock Stars and Mathletics to support them in this area and will be expected to play regularly as part of their weekly homework tasks.

Through History we will deepen our understanding of timelines and changes in Britain, during the Anglo-Saxon period. We will pose questions and follow lines of enquiry using a range of  historical sources. In Geography we’ll learn about Settlements: What they are, where and why they are located in particular areas as well as recognising features of  settlements. We plan to have a field trip to Clifton Village to further explore this.

This term we will begin our French lessons and build up a bank of simple words and phrases to  introduce ourselves.              

In Science we will be studying ‘Electricity’ and ‘Light’ so plenty of  investigative work to be undertaken! This will form the basis of a Design and Technology project researching and making night-lights.

In Music we will be improving our performance skills and in Computing we will learn how to stay safe online and use programming skills to create work related to our topic. Through P.E. we will improve our ‘Fitness’ and learn basic ‘Fundamentals’ as well as aiming to do a ’K-a-day’. In Art, we will look at using pencil grades to draw facial expression and producing final  pieces inspired by Anglo-Saxons patterns and textures. The focus artist this term will be the awe-inspiring Gustav Klimt.

How you can help

There will be Reading, Spellings and Maths homework every week.  Please try to practice multiplication facts and number bonds daily. There could be follow-up research in other areas if appropriate, to support work covered in class.

Please check the weekly homework diary and encourage your child to complete the tasks set on time. Encourage your child to read regularly and discuss with them what they’ve read to check their understanding.

Please make sure your child has their  P.E. kit (black shorts, white T-shirt and trainers or plimsolls) in school on Mondays and PE kit should stay in school all week  and can be taken home for washing on Friday.

Your child also needs a painting apron/old shirt in school to protect their uniform during art lessons. This should remain on their peg in their bag all week

Please check the Year 3 Web page for updates and recommended  websites as well as regular blogs. BRW also have a Twitter (X) account @BRWSchool and a Facebook page to keep us all connected.

If you have any spare time and feel you could offer some specialist skills to enhance our learning this term, maybe you have some woodwork skills, are an expert baker or would be able to chat to the children about your job. I’d love to hear from you! If you have any queries please feel free to ask. Thank you for your support, such exciting times ahead!

Mrs Byrne

Life in Anglo-Saxon Britain

Anglo Saxon Village Life


Anglo Saxon Village Life – part 2


4x Tables

4x Tables 'I'm still standing'

8x Times Table

Relaxation and Well-being

Cosy Reading

Log Fire

Beach scene