Mathematics – “… the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.”

Ezekial 28:12


The learning and teaching of maths at BRW is designed to provide children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will help them make sense of their world. We aim to provide opportunities for children to identify and understand the role that maths has in their everyday lives. The aims of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving in maths form the basis of our curriculum. Not only do we hope that children will leave BRW loving maths, but we hope that they master mathematics, feeling confident, resilient and ready to problem-solve in the real world and contribute to society as life-long learners of maths!


Our aims in more detail are stated below:

  • teach our children to make sense of the world around
  • enable our children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives
  • develop mastery of maths in our pupils: confident, resilient mathematicians with deep understanding, who choose the most fluent methods; reason in a range of ways; and understand how to problem-solve securely
  • support our children in learning to appreciate the contribution made by many societies to the development and application of mathematics


Click the below pictures to stay ahead of the game – TTRS is great for multiplication and division facts; NumBots is perfect for addition and subtraction facts; and Mathletics is the best place to practice, consolidate and recall what you have learned in class or what you will be learning in the future!