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Blessed Robert Widmerpool Catholic Voluntary Academy is part of the Corpus Christi parish.  It is a Catholic school where Christian Values underpin every aspect of school life. Our Mission Statement outlines how these values influence our aims and guide our work together.

Our Mission Statement is:  “We walk kindly in the footsteps of Jesus Christ as we live and learn.”

We work as closely as we can with our parish to establish effective relationships with its parishioners and our parish priest, Father Wilfred.

Learn all about Father Wilfred here, in an interview led and written by Benedict and Aidan.

Why did you become a priest?

I became a priest because the life of the priest involves serving others in admiration and being a part of the family of God. I never thought I would become a priest.  I had always admired them since I was a child.

What part of your job enlightens you and keeps you going in this noble profession?

I really enjoy being with people…lots of people who show me the real way to live a life. I also like being with the sick, comforting them and serving them the body and the blood of Christ.

Who is your favourite player out of Messi and Ronaldo?

They are both sensational players but my personal preferred player is Ronaldo.

What is your favourite liturgical season?

Lent is my favourite liturgical season because it is a great time for reflection and I like the colour purple.

Can you tell us about someone who inspires you?

Father Damien inspires me.  He was a priest who was known for helping people with leprosy on the island of Molokai in Hawaii.  The King of Hawaii, made the people who had leprosy live in a colony away from other people. Father Damien went to help the sick people and gave them hope. Father Damien also died from leprosy, but what he did helped many people.

What is your favourite video game?

I liked all of the old games such as Mario and the game on the old Nokia phones – the ‘eat the apple with the snake’ game! Sadly,  I do not have the time to play games any more.

Do you support a football team?  If so, what is it?

I support Chelsea!  Ever since I was a kid you could only watch the big teams and that is why and when I fell in love with Chelsea Football Club.

Who is your favourite player?

My favourite would have to be Ngolo Kante and Didier Drogba as they are Chelsea’s pride keeping them going .Didier scored the champions league winner!

What are your favourite sports?

My hobbies are Cricket and Football.  I love cricket!

Please find information regarding the Corpus Christi Parish below alongside weekly newsletters:

ClergyRev. Fr. Wilfred Pereppadan SCJ.

Telephone contact: 0115 921 2964

E-mail contact:


Mass timings: In Church – Saturday, 18.00; Sunday, 11.00; Holy days, 9.30 (led by the school), 19.00.

In school – please see the school calendar for Mass dates and times.

Confessions: Saturday, 17.15 – 17.45; and on request.

Chairman of the pastoral council: Mr. M. Heining.

Safeguarding representative: Mrs. S. Heining