Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 2022-2023!

Stand Firm In Your Faith:

How Will We Change, Challenge And Grow This Term?

The Summer Term is now upon us…how time flies! We’d like to extend a warm welcome back to all the Year 6s and their families in their final term. Looking back over the last year, it has been a delight to watch each and every member of the class grow in many areas of learning and life…and there will be more opportunities for this in the Summer term! In this final term of the year, in the words of Joshua 1: 9, we continue to ‘Stand Firm in Our Faith’, and remember that we are never alone as we ready ourselves for Secondary School.

Within our annual theme, we will focus our learning this term on ‘How Will We Change, Challenge And Grow This Term?’ Pupils will explore and reflect on the evolution of Clifton Village, and how they too can grow as individuals in the same way their surroundings have bloomed over time! We intend on becoming confident by stepping outside our comfort zones, embracing new experiences positively and having maximum self-belief!

RE will follow the Come and See topics of:

Witness: in which we will explore what it means to be a witness in all walks of life, particularly in ‘witnessing’ the Good News received by Christians.

Healing: in which pupils will explore Christians responsibility to care for others, with a particular focus on the Anointing of the Sick.

Common Good: where pupils will learn more about the Christian responsibility to work for the good of others as well as the environment around them.

Hinduism: In our ‘Other Faith’ topic, we will learn about Hinduism, focusing on how Hindus treat the world with respect.

In English, we will continue to become accomplished writers, experimenting with a range of texts, punctuation and grammar. Inspiration will come from the themes that run through our topic title: Clifton Village; William Morris (‘blooming’ floral patterns and textiles!); and the Nottingham Eye. We will also be enjoying our class read: ‘Holes’, and if time, a second book, ‘Wonder’.

Maths will focus on revising and deepening our understanding of concepts. We will especially harness the fluency of our written and mental calculations, solving rich, open problems and mathematical reasoning.

Science will explore different states of matter and changes in  the states of material (the summer season will be particularly helpful in exploring melting, evaporation and much more!).

Computing will provide us with the chance to create documents using Microsoft Office: Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, as well as developing our programming skills with Lego Robotics!

Art will focus on the significant artist, William Morris and his works inspired by nature. We will be researching his style and techniques, working collaboratively to design floral wall paper which will make our classroom ‘bloom’.

DT will continue with the William Morris theme and incorporate his use of pattern and repetition in textiles. We hope to harness our sewing skills and create a floral pattern for a cushion!

In PE, we are excited to be working with BRW’s dance coach, Mrs Bathgate. During these sessions, we will develop our confidence and fluency in dance, focusing on learning routines for the end of year musical performance. We will also revisit Athletics skills in preparation for Sports Day which will be held at the end of this half term.

History and Geography will focus on how our local area (Clifton Village) has changed from the Victorian era, to WW1 and all the way through to today. We will look at the events that changed the village, and use plenty of map skills as we investigate!

During our Music sessions we will learn more about musical appreciation and the history of music. We will study and compare the works of classical composer Tchaikovsky with contemporary singer and songwriter Adele.

RSHE This term the children will be take part in ‘Relationships, Sex and Health Education’. The elements of our RSHE program including Sex Education were outlined by Miss Lee in the September Year 6 parent meeting.  If you would like to review the materials and/or the DVD please contact the office to arrange an appointment. RSHE also covers social media safety, drug safety and first aid.

National Assessments For important information about the new national assessments, please see the letter provided at parent consultations. This will also be emailed to you.

Educational Visits and Visitors: To complement our topic this term, as well as give the Year 6s memories to cherish, we have organised offsite visits including a trip to the theatre, a trip to Nottingham Trent University and Trent Bridge Cricket Ground. More details will follow once the plans are confirmed! Finally, we will be welcoming back some secondary school teachers to help give us an experience of secondary school lessons, supporting in us as we transition from primary. We hope this final term will be enriching and provide many opportunities for the Year 6s to make special memories together.

And these links and videos will help to deepen your understanding too!

States of Matter

William Morris


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