School Meals

Our catering company Aspens provide nutritional and tasty meals which include a choice of three main courses and a dessert.  Jacket potatoes and sandwiches can also be provided.


Please click below to view the school menu provided by Aspens


As part of the Government’s Universal Free School Meals offer, all children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal each day. For children in Key Stage 2, the cost of a School Dinner is currently £2.30 per day (unless your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium funding). 

To pay for your child’s meal, please download the Arbor app.

Free School Meals/Pupil Premium

Some families with children in Key Stage 2 are entitled to receive a free school meal through the Government’s Pupil Premium Funding. This service is provided by Derbyshire County Council. To check whether you are eligible, click below:

Pupil Premium Application Form

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has a special dietary requirement please see the below letter and Special Diets / Allergy Form.

Packed Lunches

Parents may prefer to provide their child with a packed lunch from home.  In line with the government guidelines for healthy eating in schools, please ensure the contents are a balance of healthy options that does not include sweets, chocolate bars or nuts, including peanut butter, nutella etc.  This is because there are pupils with severe nut allergies.

Fresh drinking water is provided for all pupils at lunchtime but if pupils bring a packed lunch and parents choose to include their own drink, please ensure it is not in a glass bottle or can and not a fizzy drink.

All pupils eat together regardless of their choice so they can mix with friends in a relaxed environment and enjoy a healthy and pleasant dining experience.