Year 4

Spring 2022

Firstly, I’d like to say a warm welcome back (and Happy New Year!)  to all of Year 4 and their  parents. I am thoroughly looking forward to this term and it is  already looking like it will be one which captures the children’s interests! The children have already made some tremendous progress in the Autumn Term and we will be continuing to work incredibly hard. We will also have time for lots of fun along the way!  The children will be given many exciting learning opportunities  throughout the term— both in the classroom and further afield. I hope they are ready for the    challenges which await them!

What can we learn about life in the Viking era?

As a school we are reveling in this year being the children’s time to be brave and embrace new  challenges head-on with our BRW Spirit! The children’s history topic this term is ‘Viking Victories’ and will be focused on learning more about Viking life, raids and legacy. We will learn about Viking life first hand by taking part in a visit to Compton Verney and will develop our Forest School skills along the way as we take part in a range of activities inspired by the lives of people in this time.

In Geography, we will be learning about rivers. We will learn what rivers are, their  features and facts about the longest rivers in the world. We will also look at the human impact upon river systems and the important role which rivers played in the lives of the Vikings. In support of this, in English, we will be using our whole class reading time to learn more about rivers of the world and Viking life. We will be reading the story of The Iron Man and in class and we will be using them to inspire our writing. We may even have chance to interview the Iron Man himself!

In RE the children will be working alongside Miss Ferrara. We will be learning about Community, Giving & Receiving and Self-Discipline. Judaism will be a focus of our studies in other faiths and we will have chance to experience the celebration of Passover as part of our Holy Week celebrations. Year 4 will also re-enact Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem towards the end of term. In Art, we will be continuing our journey back in time to the Viking era as we learn about marks and lines to show textures. We will also be inspired by the work of artist Ben Mosely as we create our own colour wheels including tertiary colours and develop our printing skills. In Design and Technology, we will be investigating shell structures including packaging and how these are presented and strengthened to create our very own packaged product! Watch this space! Our scientific investigations will be inspired by how rivers are developed as we learn more about the water cycle in our topic on States of Matter. We will be learning more about these scientific states of evaporation, condensation and precipitation alongside investigating freezing and melting in class. In Mathematics we will be working hard to develop our strategies of multiplication and division. We will be improving our knowledge and recall of our multiplications facts up to the 12 x table and we will be using Times Tables Rocks Stars on a weekly basis to hone these skills. We will also have chance to further develop our problem solving and data handling skills through our historical inquiry and science investigations.

During PE we will be learningthe skills to play basketball with Mr Fearne and even have the chance to improve our balance and coordination during our Gymnastics lessons alongside Mrs Toyne. We will be using class I-pads to update you on work in class and each child will have chance to take publish their writing online . Watch this space ( for more details! The children will continue their Music sessions with The Becket music team. These will take place on Thursday mornings and give the children the chance to play a range of instruments. Hymn Practice will also continue on a weekly basis, as will music lessons. In MFL the children will  be learning to ask and answer simple questions in French whilst learning to write some words and phrases in French about their school and the time.

Year 4 at Forest School

Year 4 will be taking part in a series of Forest School sessions this term as we take part in a class visit to Compton Verney. We will be inspired by our studies of the Vikings as early settlers and survivors as we learn more about the Trio of Survival—water, warmth and shelter. A letter with full dates, details and other useful information will be with you shortly. Watch this space for more information. If your child has any plant allergies or you are able to support with the sessions, please let us know at the school office.

How you can help… supporting your child.

I have had many parents come to me asking how best to support their children with us here at BRW. As a result, here are a few key things which can prove invaluable in supporting your child.

  • Check homework newsletters which go out each Monday. This will have up-to-date information on the children’s activities too.
  • Regular use of Times Tables Rocks Stars, Numbots and Mathletics will help the children master recall of their multiplication facts up to 12×12 by the end of Year 4. The expectation if for them to play for 10 minutes per day.
  • Encourage your children to read at home daily and ask them questions about what they are reading. Reading aloud is great, talking about the book together really helps develop children understanding of the story and vocabulary.
  • Ensure children are wearing the correct uniform, have full PE kit and are on time for school at 8.45am.

All your support makes such an enormous difference! Mrs Henderson