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This year, the British Science Week theme was connections! To celebrate this, and to give our creative, imaginative and incredible children a challenge, we ran a Marble Run competition. True to form, they didn’t disappoint!

Everyone has really enjoyed all the photos and videos that have been emailed in. We have been wowed with all the amazing creations – not to mention your filming skills!

Thank you for all the stupendous entries. Our winner was Alexander, who managed the longest entry at well over 4 metres (so many twists and turns it could be double that!) Congratulations to all, you should feel very proud!

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit to Rushcliffe Country Park in the Spring Term. They had a wonderful day filled with adventure, exploring, lots of walking and some fun in the playground!

The children were given lots of challenges throughout the day. They looked for signs of spring, tried hard to find and identify sculptures, used their senses in the woodland area and climbed, jumped and balanced on the park.

Take a look at what we got up to one our adventure…

Welcome back!

Over the Easter holidays, we celebrated the most important celebration within our faith, the resurrection of Jesus! We celebrate the season of Easter by using a word we don’t use during Lent – Alleluia! The word simply means ‘praise the lord’ and it’s a reminder that at this time of year we should be rejoicing and celebrating that Jesus is risen. This week, think about what makes you want to celebrate and think about how you can show the world the joy of the resurrection.

A warm welcome back to our pupils and families at the start of the Summer Term!

We began our Summer Term with our Spring Achiever of the Term celebration assembly. We were so busy with a memorable Holy Week that we ran out of time to celebrate at the end olast term.

Congratulations to our more-than-deserving Achievers. Your adults can see some common qualities among you: hard-work, smiles, resilience and a thirst for knowledge. Keep up the good work!

In addition, we had several pupils who earned their 100% attendance pencil and sweets for being in school for 100% of the Spring Term! What a feat!

Merry Christmas to all of the BRW Community…

Have a very happy and holy Christmas!


We are very lucky to have Mathletics online to help us with our maths! This is the perfect place to practice what you’ve been learning in class, refine your mathematical skills and prepare for the next step in maths!

Take a look below at our Mathletics Magicians this week (week ending 13.5.22…their performance is simply MAGICAL!).

The following children have played and scored the most points on Mathletics!

Year 1 Emily G

Year 2 Hayden

Year 3 Jan

Year 4 Johanna

Year 5 Hayley

Year 6 Benjamin

And the year group who played the most, and so earned the most certificates?

Year 4!

Congratulations everybody! Keep playing magically!