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TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

Year 1 took to their stage in their version of A Midwife Crisis on Monday. They have all worked so hard and put in so much time and effort in to learning their lines, songs and dances and it really showed. Everyone who was a part of the show and the audience had a wonderful time. The Nativity also helped us to remember the true meaning of Christmas and how we all need Jesus in our lives. Year 1 you are all superstars!

On Tuesday 28th November, Children in Year 1 and Year 5 took part in #Google #BeInternetLegends Day. Year 1 learnt about being kind online and sharing kindness through ‘Kind Kingdom’. Year 5 completed their quest through ‘Mindful Mountain’ answering questions about what we should and shouldn’t share online and learnt about our ‘Digital Footprints’. As an added bonus, our Digital Leaders from all year groups have now been tasked with the challenge of creating their own Legends at home!

There are further family and individual activities, along with support and advice for parents here.

World Youth Funday – Friday 24 November

Theme: “Jesus never closes the door, never, but invites you to enter: Come and See.“

Pope Francis, WYD Lisbon 2023

Children across the school took part in activities to:

  1. Become aware of the presence of God
  2. Review the day with gratitude
  3. Pay attention to your emotions
  4. Look towards tomorrow
  5. Ask for help

Printable You Are Called Prayer Cards Colour

Foundation Stage One did all of the above and practised their calm breathing.

‘Year 1 got involved in World Youth Day by dancing and singing about how Jesus Loves us, thinking about the different jobs and roles young people can play in the life of the church. We also had some reflection time to think about how important it is that we attend church and actively engage in our church community. Finally we thought about how lucky we are and prayed for those young people in the world who do not have all of the things we do.’

Year 2

Year 1 had an amazing time at Think Tank! We explored how our bodies work, where different animals live and the amazing inventions that changed the world!

We learnt about water pressure and the uses of pulleys and leavers in the science garden. We also tried our hand at being doctors, dentists, police officers, hairdressers and so much more in Little Brum.

We had such a fabulous time and Year 1 learnt so much and had so much fun!

Year 1 have been focusing on the importance of being a part of a family in our Come and See work. We have been thinking about what Jesus’s family would have been like. We used role play to explore the differences and similarities there would have been between Jesus’s family and ours. We also built houses like the one Jesus would have lived in.

The KS1 Liturgy Team planned a beautiful liturgy for us to enjoy and reflect upon. The scripture was from Matthew and the key message was: God loves everyone equally.

Liturgy 1 For Blog

Programming Bee-Bots 

Year 1 kick started the summer term with some programming! They began by exploring virtual Bee-Bots on a website and programmed them to reach a given destination. They then moved onto the real Bee-Bots and their Maps. They learnt that you can programme a Bee-bot with some simple directions to make it travel to specific points on the floor maps. Year 1 learnt that when things go wrong you have to debug the code to solve the problem!  To control the Bee Bots, the children programmed them using the buttons on top. Year 1 had a great time exploring the robots!

Data Handling

During the second half of the term we have been looking at Data! The children have been learning all about the different types of data and why it’s important to collect it. They have been able to represent animal-themed data in different ways, using objects such as counters and then do the same using technology (as pictograms).

The first half of the summer term is over already! We have enjoyed so much already: a Resurrection Liturgy, a Music Evening, Sports Days, Ascension Mass and our First Holy Communion Liturgy!

What’s more, our Year 2s and Year 6s have worked extremely hard preparing for and sitting their National Assessments!

Thank to the hard work of our pupils, staff and parent support in keeping our BRW Spirit Strong this half-term! We’re excited for the next half-term of the summer!

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their Key Stage 1 Sports Day on Wednesday! The children battled it out during all of the team games and showed their talents for dribbling, javelin throwing, jumping and balancing. They also ran for their lives during the team races and obstacle course. Team Mark were the triumphant winners this year.

Thank you to all of the parents, friends and family members who came along to watch and cheer everyone on – it really was a fabulous afternoon.