History at BRW

Isaiah 46:9 the Lord commands, “Remember your history, your long and rich history.

History at BRW engages children with a relevant, exciting and challenging curriculum, which inspires curiosity and questions. We encourage our children to investigate questions about people and events in the past, in order to help them better understand their lives today, in preparation for adult life in the 21st Century. By doing this, children at BRW develop critical thinking skills to build a sense of identity and belonging on a personal, cultural, national and global level.

At BRW, we believe that children need the building blocks to make connections between abstract thoughts and information, to deepen their knowledge of what they’ve learnt. We do this by ensuring our lessons are underpinned by the following key concepts: change, continuity, causation, significance, similarity & difference, perspective, sources, chronology and empathy. Children are able to explore these concepts through reading a wide range of high quality books, exploring sources, having meaningful discussions and debates and having the opportunity to question.