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The Year 2 children and adults have had a lovely week settling into our new classroom. We are getting used to a new routine and have moved all of our things into the cupboards and drawers!

To celebrate our first week back together, we had a beautiful liturgy in our new garden. The whole class was involved in preparing it and they all participated through prayer, listening to the Bible and sharing kind words with each other.

Our mission was to treat everyday as a new beginning and embrace the opportunities that come our way.

Year 2 are learning about courage and bravery this term. They were set a summer holiday homework task to build their own lighthouse.

Our lighthouses are inspired by someone who showed real courage and bravery. Grace Darling lived in a lighthouse in Northumberland a very long time ago and she did something very special. We will be finding out all about her later this term.

There have been lots of visitors to Year 2 this week as news has got out that our lighthouses are very impressive. They have got everyone talking about the attention to detail, shining lights and light switches to turn them on. It certainly looks like our families had fun being creative together. Thank you to everyone who brought in a lighthouse for our display.

Stop Motion Animation & Data Handling (International Space Station)

Year 2 have been learning all about animation. They have a good understanding that an animation is made up of a sequence of photographs. The pupils have been creating short stop motion animations using iPads and image cut outs. To do this – they took photographs of their cut-out images in front of their chosen backgrounds, while making small changes each time. Once they played all the photographs back in order, they could see that they created a short animation.

In the second half of the term we have been learning all about the International Space Station and how astronauts’ survival needs are met aboard the ISS. The year 2 were able to show a brilliant understanding on how space exploration can benefit life on Earth and while reading data to identify whether a planet might be habitable. Maybe we can live on Mars one day! We also discussed how sensors are used in the ISS to help make decisions and how they use ‘Conditional statements’ to output results. Year 2 then created their own If-Statements that could be used in their everyday lives!

This week, Year 2 have been using their bodies and getting physical, learning cricket skills on our Cricket Enrichment Day and dong yoga outside with Miss Bathgate.

See what we’ve been up to below!

TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

Year 2 have had an exciting start to their final half term of this year. This week, they have started their swimming lessons and all children enjoyed their first lesson at the leisure centre. Parents, please provide written permission for your child to wear goggles for swimming, if they require them; permission can be emailed too.

To kickstart our topic of India, children have located India in the continent of Asia and labelled the main cities of India on a map. Children used their geographical skills to identify mountains and jungles and are very excited to be visiting India within our future geography lessons.

In History, children time travelled to the seaside in Victorian times. They questioned, compared and found similarities between seaside holidays 100 years ago and now. We made some shocking discoveries when the majority of the class thought ‘ipod’ was a typo in our spot the mistake activity! Children then transformed themselves into Victorian children, to write descriptive postcards to family members about their trip to the beach.

In D.T, children became chefs as they chopped, peeled and sliced vegetables before tasting them in preparation for their new project to cook a healthy curry. Children wrote down their likes and dislikes, (mostly dislikes!), but all was well when the day was ended with some cake from Mrs Cross!

The first half of the summer term is over already! We have enjoyed so much already: a Resurrection Liturgy, a Music Evening, Sports Days, Ascension Mass and our First Holy Communion Liturgy!

What’s more, our Year 2s and Year 6s have worked extremely hard preparing for and sitting their National Assessments!

Thank to the hard work of our pupils, staff and parent support in keeping our BRW Spirit Strong this half-term! We’re excited for the next half-term of the summer!

It had been a long and tough half term for Year 2, preparing and completing their SATs papers. The children have worked extremely hard and tried their very best with their papers – they have all improved and shown how much they have learned this term.

We had our KS1 disco this week where the children showed off their amazing dance moves and had a lot of well earned fun!

I am sure the children are looking forward to having a week off and enjoying the sun safely. When they return, we will have a busy Summer 2 with Swimming on Tuesday afternoons (see homework for more info) and lots of exciting topic work!

Year 2 have had a creative and active start to the summer term! The first two weeks have been full of activities to get the children’s artistic juices flowing.

In Art, children practiced their clay techniques they learned with Mrs Head, before taking inspiration from a still life set-up and creating sculptures linked to climate change and global warming. The children worked extremely hard and are all so proud of what they have achieved. The children really showed their understanding of why it is important to take action against climate change to protect our earth.

In Science, children learned to find and record their pulse before carrying out an investigation involving squats, running on the spot and burpees! Children learned about how exercise keeps us healthy and the best exercise to get their hearts pumping.

Last week, Year 2 choreographed a liturgical dance for their Come and See lesson. Children listened to Happy Day by Tim Hughes and discussed the meaning behind the lyrics about the return of Jesus Christ after he had been crucified. Children talked about how this was a time of celebration and linked their dance moves to the words of the final verse of the song.

As you may know, Year 2 are also working hard practicing for their SATs, taking place w/c 22nd May. The children are trying their very best and working extremely hard on their practice papers, as well as enjoying creative, inspiring and active lessons.

This year, the British Science Week theme was connections! To celebrate this, and to give our creative, imaginative and incredible children a challenge, we ran a Marble Run competition. True to form, they didn’t disappoint!

Everyone has really enjoyed all the photos and videos that have been emailed in. We have been wowed with all the amazing creations – not to mention your filming skills!

Thank you for all the stupendous entries. Our winner was Alexander, who managed the longest entry at well over 4 metres (so many twists and turns it could be double that!) Congratulations to all, you should feel very proud!