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TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

Ahead of our Music Evening on 21st May, below are the tracks and lyrics for Year 4 and 5’s choral singing performance! This will showcase the hard work they have been putting in with Mr Davis, learning traditional hymns and mass parts. Use this page as a resource to practice that fantastic singing of yours!

Ave Maria

For Mary Mother

Lyrics to follow along:


The FS children enjoyed taking part in a Little Liturgy to celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven. They joined in with prayer, singing with actions and reflecting on the Good News Jesus has risen. They also joined in with the Lords Prayer with Makaton signs.

It was wonderful this morning to celebrate Mass in our church with Father David, parents, carers and parishioners. The children who took part with readings, prayers and poetry were confident, thoughtful and precise and, as for the singing, it was glorious, powerful and brought joy to our hearts.

The Rainbow Fish have continued to enjoy exploring the counting collections. They have been working with larger amounts of objects, using their knowledge of number bonds and grouping to count and record.

Year 3 were given a challenge by Willy Wonka this week! As part of their ”Changing States’ topic they were asked to find the quickest way to melt chocolate for his chocolate river.

In their groups, our busy scientists quickly got to work finding different ways to melt chocolate and timing how long it took. They recorded their results and their experiments using iPads and learned how to create a PicCollage to present their findings. A fantastic investigation and we resisted the temptation to eat the chocolate…at least not the squares used, shh!

Year 6 are busy preparing for their National Assessments in a couple of weeks. Today, they have revised prepositions using Playdough! They had to work in teams to use as many prepositions in a sentence as possible and represent it with playdough – there were 49 in total! Our winning groups found 38 in total. Take a look at our creative way of revising SPaG this week…

Year 2 enjoyed learning about axles and wheels as part of our DT topic. They were challenged to create a moving vehicle using K’Nex. This task sounded much easier than it was and required lots of problem solving, team work, peer teaching and perseverance.

The children found making axles and wheels challenging as they had to make sure that the wheels were secure and did not move. Their next challenge was to make and attach a chassis.

The children had such a wonderful time creating and they couldn’t wait to test them on the ramps at the end of the lesson. Well done everyone!

Year 3 began our Summer Term with a whole school Resurrection Liturgy this week. We gathered together to reflect on the events following the Crucifixion. The children led us in prayer and joyful song, re-enacting the Gospel of St. John when Mary Magdalene and the disciples discovered the empty tomb of Jesus. Mary spoke to angels, and then with Jesus who told her to let others know. Year 3 helped spread the Good News with reverence and true joy!

On the last day of term, Year Six performed a powerful and emotive presentation of ‘The Crucifixion’.

Retelling the most important story in the world, they used song, prayer and dance to lead us through the final stages of Jesus’s life.

Year Six, we are so proud of your hard-work. Your performance will be one to remember for a long time to come…