Our Learning In Computing

Programming Bee-Bots 

Year 1 kick started the summer term with some programming! They began by exploring virtual Bee-Bots on a website and programmed them to reach a given destination. They then moved onto the real Bee-Bots and their Maps. They learnt that you can programme a Bee-bot with some simple directions to make it travel to specific points on the floor maps. Year 1 learnt that when things go wrong you have to debug the code to solve the problem!  To control the Bee Bots, the children programmed them using the buttons on top. Year 1 had a great time exploring the robots!

Data Handling

During the second half of the term we have been looking at Data! The children have been learning all about the different types of data and why it’s important to collect it. They have been able to represent animal-themed data in different ways, using objects such as counters and then do the same using technology (as pictograms).