Our Learning In Computing

Big Data & Computer Systems and Networks

Year 6 started the summer term learning all about Barcodes and QR codes and how they are used to transmit data over different technologies. We were able to spend as lesson researching how infrared waves can transmit data and that is can be used for three other purposes; proximity measuring, a barrier and heat detection. Using this knowledge Year 6 were able to put on their creative hats and devise a new type of use for infrared technology in the school that uses either data transmission. We definitely had some interesting ideas!

For the second part of the half term Year 6 have been focusing on ‘Computer Systems and Networks’. They understand that codes can be used for a number of different reasons and decode messages. We spent some researching about Bletchley Park and the need to build electronic thinking machines to solve cipher codes. We also discussed the importance of historical figures and their contribution towards computer science.