Our Learning In Computing

Stop Motion Animation

Year 5 started this term on the topic of Animation. We began by exploring the term animation, the history of animation and looking at some 19th century animation toys. The children then started planning their own animations using a story board and gaining ideas from famous amination programmes such as ‘Wallace and Gromit’. Once the planning was completed, Year 5 were able to start creating their animations using play dough models and iPads. They followed their story boards and made small changes and movements to the models while taking images of each frame. They used a program called ‘Stop Motion Studio’ to create and edit their animations. There were some wonderful space themed animations created!

Data Handling

Staying on the theme of Space, in the second part of the Summer term Year 5 have been learning about Data Handling. The children learned about the various rovers that have been sent into space over the years to explore Mars and complete research. We discussed the length of time it took the rovers to get to Mars (from Earth) and the distance between the Earth and Mars itself. We also learned about Data transmission and Binary and that data needs to be simple to survive being transmitted over such a vast distance and that ‘binary’ was created as an international code for the transmission of on/off data. Year 5 have really enjoyed working with Binary numbers and completing the binary challenges.