Our Learning In Computing

Further coding with Scratch

In the first part of the Summer term Year 4 spent some times finishing off their Scratch projects. The children created their own ‘Times Tables’ project in Scratch using ‘Variables’ and ‘Conditional Statements’. These projects consisted of a sprite asking some ‘Times Tables’ questions based on two given numbers (variables) and if the player answered the question correctly (conditional statement) the sprite would return a specific message, e.g. either “Well done” or “Try again”. Some children were able to extend their projects to ask other maths questions such as addition and subtraction sums.

Web design Using Sway

This term Year 4 pupils have been learning about Website design and how websites are a collection of pages linked together with interactive features. Pupils have been busy planning and designing their own websites in Microsoft Sway. They chose their own favourite topic and created web pages with interactive features such as hyperlinks, stackable images, videos and text. Year 4 have really enjoyed creating these and are very proud of their work!