Our Learning In Computing

Stop Motion Animation

Year 3 have also been exploring animation this term. They have been using a range of techniques to create a stop-frame animation using tablets. Before creating the animation; Year 3 were able to create a storyboard with details of movement, characters and background. Pupils were able to use tablets to carefully create stop-frame animations, paying attention to consistency. While creating their animations, the children were fantastic at making links to their History topic about the Roman Empire and its’ impact on Britain!

Comparison Cards Database

For the second part of the half term Year 3 have been learning about Databases. They were able to discuss what databases are and how we use these in our everyday lives, from simple class registers and records to online directories. Year 3 did a great job at explaining the pros and cons of both computer and paper-based databases. Having understood that Databases are made up records, fields and data and that they can be ordered and filtered; they were able to create their very own ‘Top-Trumps’ Cards.