Our Learning In Computing

Stop Motion Animation & Data Handling (International Space Station)

Year 2 have been learning all about animation. They have a good understanding that an animation is made up of a sequence of photographs. The pupils have been creating short stop motion animations using iPads and image cut outs. To do this – they took photographs of their cut-out images in front of their chosen backgrounds, while making small changes each time. Once they played all the photographs back in order, they could see that they created a short animation.

In the second half of the term we have been learning all about the International Space Station and how astronauts’ survival needs are met aboard the ISS. The year 2 were able to show a brilliant understanding on how space exploration can benefit life on Earth and while reading data to identify whether a planet might be habitable. Maybe we can live on Mars one day! We also discussed how sensors are used in the ISS to help make decisions and how they use ‘Conditional statements’ to output results. Year 2 then created their own If-Statements that could be used in their everyday lives!