Number Fact RockBots!

What do you call a TTRS Rock Hero crossed with a NumBot Champion??? A RockBot of course!

Take a look at our weekly update, where you can find out who is top of your class leader-board in TTRS and Numbots, as well as which classes have headlined this week!

Take a look at week ending 20.5.22! Our leaders this week have played the most minutes, just to keep you all on your toes!

Times Table Rock Stars NumBots
Year 1 Maiah Maiah
Year 2 Connie Annie
Year 3 Dominic Jewel
Year 4 Emily R Poppy
Year 5 Shaun Daron
Year 6 Elizabeth Lacey-Miai


Times Table Rock Stars NumBots
Fastest Speed Year 3
Participation Year 6 Year 3
Accuracy Year 1 Year 3

Well done to all our participants! And just think… YOU could be up there next week, so get onto TTRS and NumBots and get learning your number facts!