Holy Week at BRW

Year 6 – The Crucifixion

On Friday 1st April at 2.30pm Y6 parents will be invited to watch the Crucifixion performed by Year 6. The Crucifixion re-enacts the last few hours of Jesus’ life that we reflect on during Good Friday. Good Friday will take place in the Easter holidays but we want to share our performance with you beforehand to help us prepare for Holy Week.

On Good Friday, we recall the final hours of Jesus’ life on earth. The atmosphere is quite deep, emotional and reflective because we journey with Jesus as he feels pain, suffering and humiliation. You might be wondering why it is called ‘Good Friday’ if the atmosphere is sad…well although death is sad for loved ones, Jesus’ death symbolises the greatest act of love anyone could ever give. Through Jesus’ death, our sins are forgiven and we know that we will have eternal life with God in heaven.

During our performance, there will be the opportunity to sing, watch drama, dance, and of course a time for prayer and reflection. We are very grateful to be able to share this performance with you as in previous years we haven’t been able to due to the pandemic. We hope to see Year 6 parents there.

By Ashleigh and Jazmine (Y6)

Year 5 – The Last Supper

On Thursday 31st March, Year 5 will be celebrating and re-enacting the Last Supper, which will be celebrated by the whole church on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week (the second week of the holidays this year). If you’re able to come, we would love you to join us for the Last Supper liturgy together!

The last supper is very important because it inspires our Mass tradition to gather together and to share Jesus’ body and blood. Jesus said “do this in memory of me” and that’s why communion during Mass is so special and important. When we share Jesus’ body, it reminds us of Jesus’ sacrifice and how he loves us and blesses us unconditionally. At the Last Supper, we also remember that Jesus washed his disciple’s feet to show them that he loves them and that he is not more important than them. Jesus washing his disciple’s feet inspires us too serve others also.

If you are able to join us for the Last Supper then you will experience a time to pray, you will see drama, hear music and singing and journey with us on this road through Holy week. We hope to see Year 5 parents then!

By Joanna and Kian (Y5)

Year 4 – Entry into Jerusalem

During the holidays we will be celebrating Holy Week. Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter Sunday where we remember the last week of Jesus’ life as a man on earth. Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and at BRW, year 4 celebrated and brought Palm Sunday to life on Monday 28th at 2:30pm and our year 4 parents and families are all invited!

Here is what you’ve got to look forward to…imagine a bustling market in Jerusalem…and then suddenly someone announces that Jesus is here and a parade begins to happen! Everyone is singing and shouting “Hosanna Hosanna!” Jesus sends for a donkey and then has a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, with the crowds waving palm branches and laying down their coats. The people are excited, for Jesus is here!

During our Palm Sunday celebration, we remember that Jesus didn’t ride a grand or expensive animal, he rode a humble donkey. This shows us that Jesus was humble, simple and kind. He was different to all the other kings, he was a servant king and taught us the most important things in life.

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem!

By Josie and Brian (Y4)

Year 3 – Resurrection

On Wednesday 20th April, Year 3 will be performing and celebrating the Resurrection, the happiest day in the Church! The resurrection is the happiest day because Jesus is risen! Jesus’ resurrection shows us that we will have eternal life with God in heaven. Jesus shows us that there is life after death and even though we feel sad when someone dies, we know that there is a greater joy in eternal life with God!

Year 3’s parents and families are warmly invited to our joyful, amazing, wonderful celebration of Jesus’ resurrection! All of us will be playing special roles to perform this joyful celebration and you can look forward to action, drama, music, happiness, as well as a time to pray and worship together. You will notice a change in colour and atmosphere, the colours used in Easter are white and gold to symbolise joy and purity and we get to celebrate Easter joy for 50 days before Jesus ascended. During Easter we continue to celebrate the new life we have been given and the washing of all of our sins.

I hope this has helped you find some Easter joy and you can continue to celebrate new life this Easter season! We hope you can spread the word and join us for our prayer and celebration of the resurrection and we hope that it leaves feeling more joyful and happy inside!

Bye, have a great time this Easter season!

By Angelo and Peter (Y3)