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Year 3 have been working hard with Mrs Bathgate in Gymnastics. They have been learning how to link different tucks and rolls to link a variety of balances on different parts of their bodies…Such poise, have a look!

This week is the 30th Anniversary of British Science Week, so the theme this year is Time!

We got off to a super start this morning with our Science Ambassadors leading a whole school assembly. We began with learnig a little about our Science saint – At. Albert the Great, and read a prayer that last year’s ambassadors wrote. They shared the theme and lots of links to our own lifes and science that we can make with science. They launched the Poster competition and ran the lunch-time ‘Gadget Shop’ which will run Mon-Thursday this week, until all stock is sold. Prices range from 50p to £2. Itemised lists with prices are posted around the school.

Phew, and it’s only Day 1.

St Albert the Great

To enter the competition cosider the following…

Creativity in approach – Innovative angle on the content or creative interpretation of the theme – don’t be afraid to think outside the box
Content – Clear, accurate and informative about a STEM topic
Effective communication – presented and communicated in an engaging way

Entrants can be teams or individuals
Entries must be one page of A4 or A3 paper only Work must be original and created by the student(s) – please do not use any templates
Include your name, age and Year group
Please hand in to Mrs Byrne before Thursday 21st March

Entries will be uploaded to the British Science Week Website to enter the national competition. See

Year 1 did an amazing job in their assembly on Friday morning. They shared so much knowledge about The Great Fire of London, Materials and their class read for the half term “Someone Swallowed Stanley”. We spread our message about keeping our planet clean and explained why this was important. Year 1 put so much hard work and effort into designing their assembly, learning their songs and dances and their lines. Year 1 you are superstars!

Year 3 recently learned about one of the seven Sacraments, Baptism. They used playdough and Teach Me, Tell Me cards to help them remember important facts. They all became experts quite quickly!

During their Art lessons this term, Year 3 have been creating Anglo-Saxon Art inspired by the artist Gustav Klimt. They used a range of natural resources found around the school grounds. Working well together in teams, they demonstrated how creative they are. What wonderful work!

They have also been using their artistic skills in their Design and Technology lessons. They attempted to make a paper lamp with a woodland theme design, to link with our Whole Class Read ‘Hansel and  Gretal’. They are going to use these skills and knowledge about Electricity to design and make a children’s night-light.

Here are our finished results ….

Year 1 had an amazing time at Think Tank! We explored how our bodies work, where different animals live and the amazing inventions that changed the world!

We learnt about water pressure and the uses of pulleys and leavers in the science garden. We also tried our hand at being doctors, dentists, police officers, hairdressers and so much more in Little Brum.

We had such a fabulous time and Year 1 learnt so much and had so much fun!

Year 1 have been focusing on the importance of being a part of a family in our Come and See work. We have been thinking about what Jesus’s family would have been like. We used role play to explore the differences and similarities there would have been between Jesus’s family and ours. We also built houses like the one Jesus would have lived in.

Year 3 had their first lesson learning important skills for playing Rounders. Despite the heat, and lots of water and suntan spray, we had a lovely time and learned lots with Gordon.

This week, Year 3 showcased their work in Dance. This dance was a samba-style dance to celebrate their Geography work on South America and all their learning linked with Paddington. They were ‘Fab-u-lous!’