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On Monday, Year 4 started our whole school Holy Week journey with their ‘Entry Into Jerusalem’ performance. They told the story of Palm Sunday so wonderfully and we have all been so impressed with their dedication and team effort to make it as spectacular as it was. They are a class of super singers and awesome actors! We can’t wait to journey with the rest of the school through Holy Week.

As the photographs show, we loved watching our newly-hatched ducklings having a first swim in Foundation Stage.

IMG 3005IMG 3022

TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

Year 3 were joined by Year 4 today, to welcome some very special visitors…the ducklings. Earlier in the week, when they were newly hatched we did some observational sketches. Today, we loved watching them have a swim, but not as much as the ducklings enjoyed the water, and very cheekily splashing anyone within reach! We really will miss them as they’ve now returned to the farm.

In year 4 we had a joyful World Book Day, celebrating our favourite books and characters by dressing up, spending time in our beautiful reading corner, and being lucky enough to have a visit from a professional author! Bemma Akyeampong came and read to us one of her wonderful stories. We had already read another one of her books from the ‘Ayuda’ series earlier in the week, so the class were so pleased to meet her and hear her read another one of these books! Her stories deal with important environmental issues, through the eyes of a sea turtle…

Year 3 have been working hard with Mrs Bathgate in Gymnastics. They have been learning how to link different tucks and rolls to link a variety of balances on different parts of their bodies…Such poise, have a look!

This week is the 30th Anniversary of British Science Week, so the theme this year is Time!

We got off to a super start this morning with our Science Ambassadors leading a whole school assembly. We began with learnig a little about our Science saint – At. Albert the Great, and read a prayer that last year’s ambassadors wrote. They shared the theme and lots of links to our own lifes and science that we can make with science. They launched the Poster competition and ran the lunch-time ‘Gadget Shop’ which will run Mon-Thursday this week, until all stock is sold. Prices range from 50p to £2. Itemised lists with prices are posted around the school.

Phew, and it’s only Day 1.

St Albert the Great

To enter the competition cosider the following…

Creativity in approach – Innovative angle on the content or creative interpretation of the theme – don’t be afraid to think outside the box
Content – Clear, accurate and informative about a STEM topic
Effective communication – presented and communicated in an engaging way

Entrants can be teams or individuals
Entries must be one page of A4 or A3 paper only Work must be original and created by the student(s) – please do not use any templates
Include your name, age and Year group
Please hand in to Mrs Byrne before Thursday 21st March

Entries will be uploaded to the British Science Week Website to enter the national competition. See

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating World Book Day today! They started off the day with a special assembly where we met author Bemma Akyeampong.

Back in class Bemma came to visit us and told us her story Ayuda’s Messy Rescue. The children joined in with the story telling by adding actions and joining in with the story. They were also able to ask Bemma lots of questions about her books.

Later on in the day, we helped Mrs Cook to set up our new reading corner. We have a comfy chair to sit on and lots of lovely beanbags. We read lots of books, shared stories and read to each other. What a busy book day so far!

Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying taking part in fundraising activitites for CAFOD this year.

We started out fundraising by walking 10 laps of the KS2 playground for the Big Lent Walk. It took a long time but it was worth it as we raised over £30!

Our next fundraising task happened last Friday. Mrs Cook told Year 2 that she would bring in some doughnuts for a little treat. We were all allowed one as long as we put £1 in our jar. Year 2 were very enthusiastic about this fundraising task and the pounds came in thick and fast. We raised over £40 by eating Mrs Cook’s doughnuts! They were so yummy that we suggested that we do it every week.

We are currently thinking of our next task to add some more money to the jar. We can’t wait to see how much we can raise before Easter.

Thank you to all of the families that have kindly donated to our Lenten Fundraiser.

When we went to the woods this week, we had a big surprise! The story of My Friend Bear was dramatized by Miss Leonardi and Miss Vaughan and the verdict was…..”They were very funny and a bit silly”! Thank you to both of them for bringing the story to life.

The children made sure that, whatever activity they chose, they were kind to each other just as Eddy and the Big Bear.