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TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

Some of our children were chosen to lead the KS2 Liturgy this week, and they did an amazing job. They wrote some beautiful prayers and reflections, and with some help from Y6 and Ruth, led us all in a beautiful Liturgy.

Year 3 and Year 4 visited Wollaton Hall this week. We had a great workshop led by Raye, learning all about Animals and Habitats and getting a good close up view of some animals that have been preserved through taxidermy, that we wouldn’t normally get to see!

We then toured around the Hall, exploring all the galleries, particularly the Conservation and Biodiversity gallery,  We also enjoyed the Changing Planet and Rocks and Fossils gallery. An added bonus, was getting to see Dr Willard Wigan MBE’s Miniature Masterpieces exhibition featuring Disappearing World. It showcases miniature sculptures in the eye of a needle! We had to look through microscopes to see them, incredible!

What a great day out!

Year 3 Have been learning all about Food Chains. They were very lucky this week, to have some of our parents in the classroom for Open Afternoon, as they were able to join in with our learning. Their homework this week, is to find some food chains in their garden or at a nearby park…I wonder what they will find?

Year 3 were sporting superstars on our KS2 Sports Day. Future Olympians in the making!

Three children from Year 1 led EYFS and KS1 in a Celebration of the Word this afternoon. They helped everybody think about our wonderful world, to feel God’s presence and to both say sorry for mistakes we have made and give thanks for our world.

We have a wonderful celebratory day in Foundation Stage. Thank you to all the parents that brought in food – we had a feast and it was great to see children trying food they would not normally have at home. Food came from Poland, India, Philippines, Italy, England, Australia and the Caribbean.

The children also learned a Call and Response song from Ghana, Morris Dancing from England and listened to music from all other the world.

Year 4 have had a super-sporty week here at Blessed Robert and beyond! We began the week with a trip to The Becket school to take part in Year 10’s Sports Carousel event, which we loved! The children were able to experience a wide variety of new and familiar sporting activities led by the students there.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and we had an afternoon of sun and speed here at Blessed Robert’s KS2 Sports Day. The children were so supportive of each other and did themselves proud!

Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the KS2 Sports Day this year. They showed resilience, determination and grit; never giving up and supporting their team! Well done to the house of Matthew for winning this year’s Sports Day.

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Year 1 and 2 had a fabulous time celebrating Key Stage 1 Sports day. The rain held off (only just) and the sun made an appearance as the children worked together to win points for their House Teams.

The children took part in a standing jump, hurdles, javelin, ball dribbling and throwing activities. The they took to the track to show off their sprints.

Thank you to all of the parents who came and cheered us on. It really was a fabulous morning.