Category: Fundraising

We have had a very busy day in FS . We are trying to help, care and share to grow more like Jesus during Lent. We raised money by decorating biscuits with purple icing and a heart. We enjoyed our biscuits whilst continuing our learning of the Easter Story.

We’ve had a wonderful but very busy day at BRW.  We welcomed Bemma Akyeampong, author of the Ayuda stories – set in Guinea-Bissau, all about a sea turtle’s adventures and struggles against pollution. She retold her stories to all the children and they had chance to think about what they could do to look after our wonderful world.

We also had the introduction of our wonderful new furniture to spruce up our reading corners in every classroom. This will really help to promote the joy of reading, learning new vocabulary and being inspired to be authors ourselves.

As the photographs show, the reading cafe was immensely popular and the cakes didn’t last long! Thank you everyone for attending and for the cake donations.

As part of our efforts to raise money for CAFOD during the season of Lent, FS and Year 3 were very excited to kickstart this important event. FS completed their 5 laps with the support of their Y3 partners, who were more than happy to be paired up with the youngest members of our school. Year 3 went on to complete their 15 laps n good time and barely out of breath!