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On Tuesday 28th November, Children in Year 1 and Year 5 took part in #Google #BeInternetLegends Day. Year 1 learnt about being kind online and sharing kindness through ‘Kind Kingdom’. Year 5 completed their quest through ‘Mindful Mountain’ answering questions about what we should and shouldn’t share online and learnt about our ‘Digital Footprints’. As an added bonus, our Digital Leaders from all year groups have now been tasked with the challenge of creating their own Legends at home!

There are further family and individual activities, along with support and advice for parents here.

The wonderful children in Year 4 showcased their learning and talents in their first assembly of the year. The children showed how they can come together as a class to create something brilliant. Their dedication to learning songs, actions and lines was superb. A wonderful turnout from parents put a smile on everyone’s faces and the children in particular felt so happy to have such amazing support! Well done, Year 4!

Years 4, 5 and 6, welcome to the ‘Advent Rehearsal’ blog! Click on each song and start singing! Try it without your lyrics in front of you when you’re ready. Sing so much and so passionately that even your family know the songs! Let’s make our Thursday 1st December, 5.30pm performance one to remember. It has been a long time since we have been able to celebrate together! #BRWSpiritStrong

Go Tell It (Gloria)

All Things New

In Year 4 we have celebrated Black History Month by learning all about Nina Simone. Growing up as a black woman in America, she faced many challenges and setbacks, yet still pursued her dream and showed courage and resilience. She used her songs to convey powerful messages of justice for black people in America, supporting the Civil Rights Movement. We have been using art to celebrate her and showcase some of her inspiring lyrics.

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Years Three and Four were very lucky to have a lesson delivered to us by Mr. Butler, a volunteer STEM Ambassador who has lots of experience in this field and has visited many schools to help inspire and enthuse children in this field. He certainly did this today!

We started thinking about all the different electricity appliances we use all the time, and how these things are powered. Then we did some investigations into making an energy stick work! (A low-voltage appliance) We discovered that if we held both ends, we could safely create our own human circuit and make the energy stick light up and buzz. We also found we could keep adding children to make bigger circuits, as long as we were holding or touching hands. If we didn’t, then we were acting as switches, stopping the flow of electricity.

We used all this knowledge to apply to a variety of circuits, to work out if they would work, and if not, why not?

This session was a great opportunity for expanding not only our knowledge and vocabulary but also our thinking skills as the children had time to consider different investigations. They are all looking forward to putting this new found knowledge into practise as they begin their Science topic on ‘Electricity’ and in ‘Design and Technology’ when they will be making a reading night light.

Year 3 and Year 4 had a fantastic day out today. We visited Nottingham Contemporary in the morning and had the opportunity to explore our creativity in lots of different ways – including using our bodies to represent giraffes and working in groups to make out own models! We also explored what support means, and how we support one another. Thank you so much to all the gallery staff who supported us today!

Then we visited Broadway Cinema to watch Horrible Histories: The Movie. It was great fun to see our history lessons to come to life in a funny musical way, as well as learning more about the habits of the Celts and Romans.

Further coding with Scratch

In the first part of the Summer term Year 4 spent some times finishing off their Scratch projects. The children created their own ‘Times Tables’ project in Scratch using ‘Variables’ and ‘Conditional Statements’. These projects consisted of a sprite asking some ‘Times Tables’ questions based on two given numbers (variables) and if the player answered the question correctly (conditional statement) the sprite would return a specific message, e.g. either “Well done” or “Try again”. Some children were able to extend their projects to ask other maths questions such as addition and subtraction sums.

Web design Using Sway

This term Year 4 pupils have been learning about Website design and how websites are a collection of pages linked together with interactive features. Pupils have been busy planning and designing their own websites in Microsoft Sway. They chose their own favourite topic and created web pages with interactive features such as hyperlinks, stackable images, videos and text. Year 4 have really enjoyed creating these and are very proud of their work!

TTRS and Numbots!

Mathletics Results

The first half of the summer term is over already! We have enjoyed so much already: a Resurrection Liturgy, a Music Evening, Sports Days, Ascension Mass and our First Holy Communion Liturgy!

What’s more, our Year 2s and Year 6s have worked extremely hard preparing for and sitting their National Assessments!

Thank to the hard work of our pupils, staff and parent support in keeping our BRW Spirit Strong this half-term! We’re excited for the next half-term of the summer!

Year 4 have had a fantastic start to summer term. We’ve been learning all about the Romans in History and year 4 have been finding out about how the Romans invaded and ultimately defeated Boudica! Their pictures of Boudica were expertly drawn and labelled from a few meagre descriptions, but they were all under the impression that she was a fearful woman of great power!

We’ve also been investigating plants and growing conditions in year 4, and have our own experiments running in the classroom – some of our plants are thriving and some of them are looking pretty sorry for themselves with no water or light. In a couple of week’s time we should have a better idea of what the ideal (and *not* ideal) conditions for growth are!

In English we’re reading The Firework Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman, and have been creating some super descriptive writing using fronted adverbials to describe the myriad of characters in the story. We’ve found out that it’s actually quite a funny book as well as telling a story of an epic adventure. We love some of the characters like the pirates who pretended they weren’t pirates and then messed up their plans anyway!

In Come and See, we have been looking into the Pentecost and the children have been reflecting on the relationships that came out of this incredible (and slightly scary) event. The children have created some beautiful artwork, either using their own style or the style of one of the more traditional, classical painters, to show the incredible events of the Pentecost.

We’re working hard on our times tables and doing daily ‘tests’ to build our strength and confidence in this and the children are doing brilliantly – keep up the practise at home!