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It was a beautiful, holy way to start our Friday. We joined parishioners and parents to celebrate Mass together. Children from Year 1 and Year 2 confidently and clearly led our bidding prayers and all the children joined in with the singing of ‘It’s Me that Builds Community’ song – with actions, of course!


The FS children enjoyed taking part in a Little Liturgy to celebrate Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven. They joined in with prayer, singing with actions and reflecting on the Good News Jesus has risen. They also joined in with the Lords Prayer with Makaton signs.

It was wonderful this morning to celebrate Mass in our church with Father David, parents, carers and parishioners. The children who took part with readings, prayers and poetry were confident, thoughtful and precise and, as for the singing, it was glorious, powerful and brought joy to our hearts.

As part of our efforts to raise money for CAFOD during the season of Lent, FS and Year 3 were very excited to kickstart this important event. FS completed their 5 laps with the support of their Y3 partners, who were more than happy to be paired up with the youngest members of our school. Year 3 went on to complete their 15 laps n good time and barely out of breath!

Session One:


Session Two


Putting our faith into action – making hot chocolate reindeer to sell at Carols around the Tree – please bring £1.50 to treat yourself or your family to a delicious drink.

World Youth Funday – Friday 24 November

Theme: “Jesus never closes the door, never, but invites you to enter: Come and See.“

Pope Francis, WYD Lisbon 2023

Children across the school took part in activities to:

  1. Become aware of the presence of God
  2. Review the day with gratitude
  3. Pay attention to your emotions
  4. Look towards tomorrow
  5. Ask for help

Printable You Are Called Prayer Cards Colour

Foundation Stage One did all of the above and practised their calm breathing.

‘Year 1 got involved in World Youth Day by dancing and singing about how Jesus Loves us, thinking about the different jobs and roles young people can play in the life of the church. We also had some reflection time to think about how important it is that we attend church and actively engage in our church community. Finally we thought about how lucky we are and prayed for those young people in the world who do not have all of the things we do.’

Year 2