Black History Month

In Year 2, we’ve been celebrating Black History Month. We have been busy reading books that celebrate Black History and finding out about the achievements of significant black people. The children have had lots of discussions about why this is important and the struggles that many black people have faced because of the colour of their skin.

Year 2 were especially interested in the life and achievements of Maya Angelou. They were saddened to discover that she was treated differently because of the colour of her skin. This led to some important discussions about racism and equality for all.

They children identified that Maya  Angelou used her struggles and obstacles to make her more determined to achieve her dreams. The children were very inspired by her words and this is what they had to say about her:

“Maya was a champion because she did so many good things. She even got medals for them.”

“Maya changed jobs so many times. She was helpful and wanted to make the world fair.”

“Maya was brilliant. She helped people by being good and never giving up.”

“Maya had a bad life when she was young. She became a superstar though. She was a very good mother and a brave person. She never gave up.”

“Maya was a very beautiful lady, inside and out. People were wrong to not like her because of her skin colour.”

Year 2 created their own portraits of Maya Angelou which they are keen to share with others. Take a look at our fabulous pieces.