Welcome to Spring Term!

Welcome back! It’s already Spring term and year 5 are ready to rise to new challenges and continue to proudly say: “I AM WHO I AM”.


This term involves utilizing heuristics for challenges in multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, as well as techniques for understanding area, perimeter, and statistics.


In English, students will engage with ‘The Wind in the Willows’ to inspire their writing. They will also create Greek myths and legends, along with crafting newspaper reports on historical events in Ancient Greece. The term concludes with the reading of ‘Brightstorm,’ exploring unknown parts of the world. Emphasis is placed on developing spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills for accurate and imaginative writing.

Come and See

In RE, the curriculum for the term includes exploring the theme of ‘Mission,’ delving into the concept of life missions inspired by Jesus and his disciples. The second topic, ‘Memorial Sacrifice,’ focuses on understanding the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice and explores the question of why memories are important. The final topic, ‘Sacrifice,’ is connected to Lent and Jesus’ sacrifice, prompting consideration of the need for personal sacrifices.

Wider Topic

Our wider learning will be centred around the question ‘How has Greece shaped our world? History lessons will cover Ancient Greece’s key periods, drawing comparisons between ancient Greece and our current knowledge. Geography focuses on a European region study of Greece, including its physical and human characteristics, climate, biome classification, and exploration of life in Athens and the migrant crisis. In Science, the focus is on evolution and inheritance, exploring changes over time, genetic variation, adaptation, evolution, and survival of the fittest.

Art lessons include analysing pattern art by Damien Hirst. In DT students will craft Greek frames and structures inspired by Gustav Eiffel and Ancient Greek columns.

PE introduces the game of dodgeball and gymnastics! In RHE, the curriculum covers drug awareness, resisting peer pressure, consent, substance abuse, and internet safety.

Help from Home

  1. Please check Homework diaries regularly for weekly information about your child’s work and progress. Children’s diaries will be checked and signed on Friday mornings to ensure reading is taking place at home. Your child must filling this in every day with the details of the pages they have read.
  2. Children will be given homework each week on a Thursday. Year 5 children are encouraged to take responsibility for remembering to complete their homework, but they may need the odd reminder from someone at home to get it done! Homework is not something that should worry them and I will remind them that if they are ever struggling to complete a homework task, then they should come and see me.
  3. It is very important that all children can recall their number facts quickly and correctly, so when possible please encourage your child to practise their times tables and mental addition/subtraction through TTRS, Mathletics and Numbots.
  4. Reading every day is essential. Please discuss characters, themes, plots and ask for your child’s opinions on the books they are reading; this will help with their success in English. Recording this information in their homework diary is extremely useful evidence of their reading. If any support is needed please let us know and we can provide resources to help.
  5. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day. They need a PE kit for both indoor and outdoor PE. Their outdoor PE kit should include a hoodie and something to keep their legs warm (gym leggings or jogging bottoms). PE kits must be school colours.
  6. Children will be given a list of spellings each week. These will be tested the following Friday. Please keep a check of these regularly.
  7. Your support this year will be crucial and I’d like to thank you in advance for your support over the coming term.

Miss Ashton